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Heartland 2019

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6 Nur, 176 B.E. / June 10. 2019

Dearest friends,

...This is a period in which to recall the extraordinary heroism of the Martyr- Herald of our Faith, Whose dramatic ministry thrust humanity into a new era of history. Though separated from our own time by two centuries, the society in which the Báb appeared resembles the present-day world for the sense of oppression and for the longing of so many to find answers to slake the soul’s thirst to know. In considering how this two-hundred-year anniversary might befittingly be marked, ... we anticipate a flourishing of activity no less rich and no less inclusive than that which accompanied the bicentenary just passed. It is an occasion to which every community, every household, every heart will undoubtedly look forward with eager expectation.

The months ahead will also be a time for calling to mind the lives of the Báb’s intrepid followers—heroines and heroes whose faith was expressed in matchless, sacrificial acts that will forever adorn the annals of the Cause. Their qualities of fearlessness, consecration, and detachment from all save God impress themselves upon everyone who learns of their ventures. How striking, too, is the young age at which so many of those lionhearts made their indelible mark on history. During the coming period, may their example give courage to the entire company of the faithful—not least to the youth, who are once more summoned to the vanguard of a movement aimed at nothing less than the transformation of the world.

(excerpt from the Ridván 2018 Universal House of Justice Letter.)

In honor of the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb, Heartland Bahá’í School, in Urbana July 19-21, will have special time dedicated to sharing our favorite stories which “recall the extraordinary heroism” of the Báb and His “intrepid followers” as Shoghi Effendi described so eloquently in the first few paragraphs of God Passes By, and the craft of storytelling.

Before and after Heartland Bahá’í School, we encourage families and communities to gather together to accompany and partner with one another to share the stories of the Dawnbreakers with wisdom, enthusiasm, and eloquence. To assist in this process, we have included links here: guidelines for storytellers, sample stories, the #GateofHeaven video diary series from Luke Slott, and information about the ‘Ventures of the Lionhearts’ series for children from ‘Mine Rich in Gems.’

We ask that everyone choose one or more stories from this period to share Friday evening. To encourage a diversity of stories, we would like for everyone to choose more than one favorite story.

On Saturday afternoon and evening, we will have workshops which will delve into the art of storytelling with Sharon and George Davis to allow participants to practice and accompany one another to tell inspirational stories of racial amity/harmony.

We hope these resources and opportunities will encourage friends to prepare for the school and the Bicentennial by telling stories of the Báb and the heroic deeds of His followers in a wide variety of settings and social spaces to all those willing to hear, and will result in natural conversations about how these soul-stirring acts of heroism can inspire us to make the period we live in closer day-by-day to the Most Great Peace.
With loving Bahá’í greetings,

Heartland Bahá’í School Committee

Join Bahá'ís and friends of the Bahá'í Faith in study, recreation, and the arts, alongside one another in a loving environment. July 19 - 21, 2019<br />
Urbana, Illinois www.heartlandbahaischool.com For more information, please email or message: heartland-reg@nbs.usbnc.org https://www.facebook.com/HeartlandBahaiSchool/ Agency of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States

Heartland 2019 Summer School at the Bahá'i Center in Urbana, IL):

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